Privacy Policy

App Privacy Terms & Policy

Ours Apps are wearable app with features like message reminders, alarms, sedentary and water reminders, and exercise step counting. It offers 24-hour exercise monitoring and daily services.

We value and protect the privacy of all our users. To provide accurate and personalized services, we may use and disclose your personal information as per this privacy policy. Your information is treated with utmost care and won’t be shared without your permission.

By agreeing to the HLC Electronics’ service use agreement, you accept this privacy policy. It applies to all our services, and we may update it without notice.

1. Scope of Application:
a) On first run, we collect IMEI, AndroidID, MAC address, and OAID for security purposes.
b) When you register, we collect personal information like profile picture, nickname, height, weight, etc.
c) We may obtain user data from business partners legally.
d) Sports monitoring includes step counting.
e) To provide the service, we sync your Bluetooth, camera, address book, call records, SMS notifications, and calls to your smart device.
f) For location-based services, we may use GPS, Wi-Fi, IP address, or other technology. Your GPS location is not accessed without your consent and is not shared with third parties.

This policy doesn’t apply to actions violating the law or HLC Electronics rules, and measures taken in response.

2. Use of Information:

a) HLC Electronics will not share your personal information with unrelated third parties unless you give your consent or when providing joint services with third parties. After the service ends, they won’t access your information anymore.

b) We strictly forbid any third party from collecting, editing, selling, or disseminating your personal information. If any user engages in such activities, we will terminate their service immediately.

3. Information Disclosure:

We may disclose your personal information under the following circumstances:
a) With your prior consent.
b) To comply with legal or regulatory requirements, or requests from administrative or judicial institutions.
c) If you violate our service agreements or relevant laws.
d) If you are involved in an intellectual property dispute, we may disclose your information to the other party for resolution.
e) Other disclosures required by laws, regulations, or website policies.

4. Information Storage and Exchange:

Your information will be stored on Apps servers and may be transmitted and accessed abroad where HLC Electronics operates.

5. Partner SDK:

Our products may contain partner SDKs or similar applications. If you use such third-party services on our platform, they may collect and process your information according to their own privacy policies. Their practices are not covered by our policy. If you have concerns, please contact us immediately.

For specific third-party partners and their privacy policies, see the following link:
a) Bugly Exception Information Collection SDK collects APP crash information:

6. Information Security:

a) Your Apps account is protected with security features. Please keep your username and password safe. We use encryption to safeguard your information from loss, misuse, and alterations. However, no security measure is perfect on the internet.

b) Protect your personal information and only share it when necessary. If you suspect any leakage, especially your username and password on Apps(Dafit, FitCloudPro, Wearfit Pro), contact our customer service immediately. We’ll take appropriate actions to address the issue.