SKD Process and Service

SKD Service Flow Chart

SKD of smart watch

What's Our SKD Service?

SKD stands for semi-knock-down. When things are ready to use, the cost of tax at customs is usually more than when they are taken apart into pieces. With SKD, importers can pay less tax. We make special boxes and choose the right stuff to pack your orders. To keep everything safe while it’s being sent, we use good ways to tie things up, like straps, cardboard, foam, and plastic. Whatever pieces of smartwatches you want, we have the right boxes for them.

And in general, SKD offers the following benefits:
1.Secure Shipping
2. Reduced Import Duties
3. Enhanced Employment Opportunities
4. Lower Logistics Costs

SKD of smart watch

Smart Watch Packaging Solutions

Packaging plays a big role in how much it costs to move things around. But the SKD service, which is about packing parts, isn’t as easy as it looks. It needs a lot of care and skill. DTNO.1 really cares about making customers happy, so they give top-notch services in everything they do. They help customers make the most out of their shipping by using the packaging space well and making sure things are safe.

SKD of smart watch

How do we pack?

1. Count how many products are in the order.

2. Pick a box size that fits the products’ size.

3. Save a spot in a container for the box.

4. Make the products and pack them up just like the order says.

Collaborative Approach Using SKD

Client Output

All strictly subject to clients' requirements and standards

1. Specifications and Standards for Finished Product Inspection

2.Guidelines for Checking Materials (SIP)

3.Reliability Testing Criteria

4.Packaging Methods for SKD Materials

5.Agreement for Ensuring Quality

6.Plan for Sampling Materials

1.Prototype Example (Gold Sample)

2.Instructions for Assembly and Packaging

3.Requirements for Trial Production

4.Criteria for Inspection before Shipping 

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