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  • 2 in 1 smart watch2 in 1 smart watch

    Premium 2 in 1 Smart Watch with Earbuds, Local Music Player, Voice Recorder, Bluetooth Call, Fitness Tracker with Multi Sport Modes

    T92 multifunctional earphone smart watch:  TWS earphone + MP3 local music playback + smart watch Bluetooth call, three-in-one!
    1: Full-circle, full-touch + mechanical buttons, stylish appearance, CNC metal texture, high-end business temperament, HIFi sound quality, IP67 waterproof, complete patent certification:
    2: Irvine 2806 main control chip, Bluetooth 5.0 ultra-low power consumption, 470 mAh large-capacity battery, can charge the headset 7 times, and has a long standby time of 60 days;
    3: TWS uses metal craftsmanship, creative storage, novel design, full in-ear wear, HiFi 9D sound quality, and can play for 4-5 hours at a time;
    4: Realtek RTL8753 chip, high stability regardless of master and slave, super strong Bluetooth signal 15-25 meters, AI voice, Siri wake-up;
    5: 128MB local memory playback, 100+ song storage, can also be connected to Bluetooth headsets for playback, supports customized memory up to 32G;
    6: The watch supports recording, Bluetooth call music, AAC speakers, and the sound quality is extraordinary! Voice assistant, massive online watch faces, support customization;
    7: Real-time monitoring of body temperature (high temperature warning), heart rate/blood pressure/blood oxygen/sleep and other health management, multiple exercise modes to help you train scientifically;
    8. The watch supports multiple languages, message reminders, remote control photography, stopwatch, countdown, alarm clock, calculator, mobile phone search, weather and other functions!

  • smart braceletsmart bracelet

    Premium New M8 Smart Bracelet Blood Pressure Heart Rate Monitoring 1.14 inch HD Screen Fast Charge IP68 Waterproof

    new M8 smart bracelet, non-invasive blood glucose monitoring, IP68 professional waterproof, DayBand stable APP: 1.14 high-definition large screen, tempered glass lens, silky and smooth touch control, 180 mAh large battery, magnetic charging, 30 days long standby time; Support multi-sport mode, the bracelet is equipped with instructions from eight countries: Chinese, English, Japanese, German, French, Western, Italian, Russian, and supports multi-language menus such as Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, German, Italian, and French; Heart rate monitoring, blood sugar + blood pressure + sleep monitoring, Guanyou remote care function, remote camera, smart alarm clock, call reminder and information synchronization.


  • smart watch femaleladies smart watch

    High Quality Luxury Round Dial Diamonds Ladies Female Smart Watch Touch Screen Watch CE Rohs Ip67 Waterproof Woman Smartwatch

    2023 new trend smart watch female, featuring a 1.28-inch AMOLED screen and stable Fitcloudpro app,
    Stainless steel material with diamond-inlaid surface, stainless steel Milanese strap, exquisite metal knob, IP67 waterproof rating;
    Powered by the Realtek 8763EWE chip, one-touch Bluetooth pairing, 200mAh battery with wireless fast charging, 5-10 days of battery life;
    High resolution at 416*416 pixels, full-screen touch display with encoder buttons, 128MB of memory, supports multiple language switching;
    24-hour health monitoring, real-time tracking of heart rate, blood oxygen, and blood pressure, menstrual cycle tracking, syncs with phone notifications;
    HD Bluetooth calling, alarm clock, stopwatch, timer, music playback, remote camera control, synchronized contact list, and many more features!

  • female smatwatchsmart watch for women

    2023 Trending New Smart Watch for Women Round Screen Waterproof Compatible with iPhone Android Phones Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Monitor Pedometer Sleep Tracker

    New smart watch for women, 1.39 inch bezel-less full screen, Fitcloudpro stable App. Accept different OEM
    Realtek 8763EWE main control chip, exquisite material: zinc alloy body + pearl white glossy rear shell, 10mm ultra-thin body;
    Frameless design, large field of view, magnetic fast charging, IP67 professional waterproof, female menstrual period monitoring, VP60 real-time heart rate;
    High-definition Bluetooth calls, super sound quality speakers, multi-sports modes, offline collection, business cards and friends, and more functions!
    Instruction manual for six countries: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese, the watch language supports Chinese, English, Japanese and German etc. can be switched easily!

  • smart watch androidsmart watch android

    2023 best cost-performance ratio smart watch android sports smartwatch

    2023 New Trend Sports Smartwatch with a borderless 1.96-inch large screen. Utilizes the Fitcloudpro stable App and offers competitive pricing. Powered by the Realtek 8763EWE main control chip, featuring Bluetooth one-key connection. Encased in a zinc alloy case with a sleek 10mm ultra-thin body. The frameless design provides a large field of view. Equipped with a 300mAh battery for long-lasting usage and supports magnetic fast charging. IP67 professional waterproof rating ensures durability. Enjoy high-definition Bluetooth calls and superior sound quality from the built-in speakers. Offers 100+ sports modes, payment codes, business cards, and friends. Supports multiple languages including Chinese, English, and Japanese etc. with easy switching capabilities.

  • smart watch with earbudssmart watch with earbuds

    2 in 1 Smart Watch with Earbuds, MP3, Voice Recorder, Bluetooth Call, Fitness Tracker with Blood Oxygen Heart Rate Sleep Monitor

    New Technology GT100 rugged smartwatch + TWS earphones

    1. A brand-new rugged smartwatch with shock resistance, water resistance, sweat resistance, and dust resistance, suitable for various complex scenarios.
    2. 1.43-inch full-screen AMOLED high-resolution display with a resolution of 466×466 pixels.
    3. The watch adopts the new MediaTek 8763E nano-chip technology, supporting dual-mode communication and one-touch Bluetooth pairing.
    4. Dual communication allows both the watch and earphones to make and receive calls, providing convenient switching and smoother communication.
    5. The earphones feature a unique sweat-proof design, advanced chip technology, graphene material, dual independent transmission, and ultra-fast pairing.
    6. Single-chip dual-mode technology ensures super power-saving performance and ultra-long standby time. The watch is equipped with a 400mAh battery, providing over 50 days of standby time.
    7. Supports Alipay offline payment, multi-functional NFC, and electronic wallet for convenient and worry-free payments.
    8. Innovative algorithm chip for real-time monitoring of dynamic heart rate, blood oxygen level, blood pressure, and overall health protection throughout the day.
    9. The watch has built-in storage for playing music with a capacity to store 30-50 songs. It also supports recording, music playback, and Bluetooth connectivity with earphones.
    10. Stable Dafit app with 8 sets of UI styles for easy customization, offering 100+ sports modes and more exciting features for you to explore.

  • ultra 8 smat watchultra 8 smart watch

    Ultra Series 8 Ultra 8 Smart Watch Wireless Charging 2.03 inch HD Screen NFC 3 Pair of Straps

    Alloy metal watch case, metal strap/silicon strap/leather strap for choice, it is ultra 8 smart watch which combines sleek design reminiscent of an apple watch with the convenience of two interchangeable watch bands. This advanced timepiece boasts a range of impressive features. With support for multiple sports modes, it caters to all your fitness needs. It also includes heart rate monitoring functionality, allowing you to track your health and optimize your workouts. Stay connected on the go with its Bluetooth calling feature. The 2.03-inch high-definition display provides a clear and vibrant interface. Equipped with a large 260mAh battery, it ensures long-lasting usage. The smartwatch supports multiple languages, making it accessible to users worldwide. Additionally, its IP67 waterproof rating offers protection against water damage. Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with our intelligent smartwatch.

  • smart watchsmart watch

    2023 Premium1.85″ HD Color Display Dafit App 20 Days Battery Life 137 Sports Modes Heart Rate Monitor Water-Resistant IP67 Smart Watch

    Dafit stable App, 1.85-inch high-definition screen, zinc alloy watch frame, 300mAh pure cobalt battery, 30-day long standby time;
    8763E main control chip, one-key connection, can measure heart rate and blood oxygen of various skin colors, eight sets of UI interaction;
    Bluetooth call, scan code to receive payment, Alipay, 137 sports modes, drainage mode, decompression and sleep aid;
    Instruction manual for eight countries: Chinese, English, Japanese, German, French, Western, Italian, Russian, CE/ROHS/FCC-ID certified.

  • men smart watchmen smart watch

    Men Smart Watch Answer/Make Calls 100+ Sports 1.96″ Waterproof Fitness Watch with Voice Assistant and Message Reminder

    Rugged men smart watch outdoor sports watch, stable Gloryfit App.
    1.96″ HD large screen, metal casing with dust and water resistance design, 8763E main control chip for one-touch connection, 280mAh sufficient battery for 30 days standby.
    HD Bluetooth calling, music playback, SOS emergency assistance, voice assistant, 100+ sports modes, VC30F real-time heart rate monitoring, red light + true blood oxygen monitoring.
    The watch supports eight languages: Chinese, English, Japanese, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Russian. Firmware languages include Chinese, English, Traditional Chinese, Korean, Japanese, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Polish, Russian, Dutch, Turkish, Hindi, Czech, etc.

  • smart watch 2 in 1 bluetooth earphonessmart watch 2 in 1 bluetooth earphones

    Smart Watch 2 in 1 Bluetooth Earphones Heart Rate Blood Pressure Monitor Sport Watch Fitness Tracker

    Three-in-One, Smartwatch + TWS Earphones + MP3 Local Music.
    Rugged military-style watch design: Waterproof + Dustproof + Shockproof, metal case, 1.96-inch HD large screen + dual buttons;
    Dual communication: Both the watch and earphones can make and receive calls and listen to music, convenient switching for smoother communication;
    Large memory: 4GB music memory, capable of storing 1200+ lossless songs / 72 hours of recording;
    Large battery: The watch features a 400mAh high-capacity, high-voltage battery with ultra-low power consumption, while the earphones have a 35mAh large battery;
    Long battery life: The watch has an ultra-long standby time of 25 days, over 8 hours of speaker playback, and the earphones have a talk time of over 3.5 hours on a full charge;
    High configuration: Premium mirror surface appearance, earphones adopt the RTL8753BFE chip by Realtek, stable and low power consumption, metal craftsmanship;
    Super sound quality: Intelligent noise reduction, strong signal up to 30 meters in open areas, excellent bass and treble, HiFi 9D sound quality;
    More features: Offline Alipay payment, multifunctional NFC, blood glucose monitoring, sedentary reminder, business card holder function…
    Ultra-thin body design, heart rate monitoring for black individuals with 3605 sensor, 100+ sports modes, 200+ free watch faces!


  • best smart watchbest smart watch

    The best smart watch 2023 you should buy best competitive price smartphone companions for fitness tracking

    ECG (Electrocardiogram) function, Bluetooth calling, non-invasive blood glucose measurement, HRV (Heart Rate Variability) function, AI medical diagnosis, SOS emergency calling function, sedentary reminder, body temperature monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, respiratory training, stress monitoring, women’s health (menstrual cycle tracking), heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, sleep monitoring, activity tracking (step/calorie/distance), multiple sports modes, music control, 3 physical buttons + full-touch screen

  • smart sport watchsmart sport watch

    Revolutionize Your Fitness Experience with the Ultimate Smart Sport Watch with Heart Rate Multi Sports Modes IP67 Waterproof

    2023 new premium sport smart watch, 1.39 HD large screen, Dafit stable app, 450mAh battery, 60 days long standby time!
    8763EWE main control chip one-key connection, 128MB large memory, enjoy a smooth experience, Bluetooth 5.2 low power consumption;
    Strong metal body, anti-scratch glass mirror, anti-drop/smash/dust/sandproof, adapt to various harsh environments, IP67 waterproof;
    HD Bluetooth calls, voice assistant, 10 sets of menu styles, 100+ sports modes, massive dial market, remote camera…
    British, French, German, Italian, and Spanish instructions, standard liquid silicone breathable strap, optional camouflage blue and camouflage black straps.

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