APP Customization

HLC Electronics places customers’ needs first and foremost, offering them tailored APP development solutions. Our APP customization service includes UI and icon design, personalized functionality, attentive post-sales support, and assistance with marketing promotions. Moreover, customers have full ownership of the APP’s code and operational data.

UI Design

Function Customization

Icon Design


After-sales Service

Promotion Services

Wearable device commercial management platform

The app is designed with the capability to manage online platforms. Apart from enhancing the user experience of smart watch users, it also facilitates the exploration of wearable device preferences for a broader customer base. Moreover, the app entices online shopping through the provision of discount information.

App customization of smart watch
App customization of smart watch (

Customer Relationship Management

Thanks to the well-crafted operational logic developed by our R & D team, the customized apps establish an efficient communication channel between app owners and their users. Businesses can gather user feedback and showcase the latest updates, services, and product details through these apps.

User Portrait

The apps FitCloudPro and Daft serve as robust tools that empower us to comprehensively analyze big data, leading to a precise insight into user behaviors. Consequently, this equips our business clients to fine-tune their strategies and enhance their customer service offerings effectively.

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