FAQs of smart watch

How to connect the smart watch to your phone?

Ours smart watch can work with most iOS 10.0/Android 5.0 or above version. Please install the app in your smartphone first, then connect the watch to your smartphone through the app instead of through your phone's bluetooth list to reach the complete functions.

Why I can't get a notice of call or text?

1. First of all, you need the bind the watch to the app. 2. Secondly, you should permit all the requests from the app to receive notifications on the watch. Moreover, make sure you have already turned on the apps notification function on your mobile phone, and make sure you have turned on the notification functoin of the apps you would like to receive notification. 3. For receiving notifications on the watch, users have to switch on the function of Preview in the notification settings in their smartphone.

Why is information of the apps notifications partially shown?

That’s because the number of caption characters on the watch is limited. Thus, a long message can only be partially shown. You need to check your mobile phone for the entire message.

Can't turn on / Can't charge

If you receive the watch and it does not turn on, it may be that the watch has collided during transportation and the battery Seiko board has begun to protect itself. Just plug in the charging cable and charge it to activate. If the battery is too low or the watch cannot be turned on after a long period of time, please plug in the charging cable and charge it for more than half an hour to activate.

How to set the date and time?

Please synchronize the device with your mobile phone via Bluetooth to calibrate the time.

Is the watch/band waterproof?

The watch is not waterproof to steam, warm water, or hot water. It is not allowed to take hot showers and saunas to prevent splashing water from life. (Swimming with a bracelet is not recommended, it may be affected by water pressure).

How to sync contacts from your cellphone to the watch?

You need to the bind the watch and the app first to sync contacts from your cellphone. After you bind the watch to the app successfully, please follow the steps to sync contacts: 1. Open the app. 2. Tap "Device" on the bottom bar. 3. Tap "Frequent contacts". 4. Tap "add contacts" to upload contacts from your cellphone. 5. Tap "Sync to watch"

How to use the AI voice assistant?

1. Bind the smart watch to the app. 2. Swipe the watch face to the right, tap “ BT call” that it will show the serial number of the audio Bluetooth of the watch, then find it in the Bluetooth settings of the smartphone to bind it. 3. You can use the AI voice assistant after you bind smartwatch and phone successfully.

Does your smartwatch support battery replacement?

Our smart watch does not support battery replacement.

How to use the feature of GPS movement tracking?

The feature of the GPS movement tracking is actually operating in the app. You need to open the app, and tap “Sport”, you can choose four types of sports on the heading to track your route. The smart watch and the app work together to record more data for you.

Does the wrist-lift screen not be sensitive?

Taking into account the use of your unconscious wrist-lift, such as stretching your arm during sleep, we have a partial restriction on the wrist-lift screen. When the smart watch or smart bracelet is down, twist the wrist so that the screen can be lit up normally.It is recommended that you try more times to grasp the best angle of wrist lift.


1. Some smart watches is made of metal (zinc alloy). If you are allergic to metal, you should be cautious when buying it. If you have any discomfort after wearing it, please stop using it in time and contact us to return it. 2. Don't wear smart watch too tightly during exercise. In daily use, you can relax the strap slightly to ensure a dry, breathable and comfortable experience for skin contact with the device. 3. After wearing smart watch continuously for a long time or if the wearing position seems stuffy, you can remove the smart watch and let your wrist rest for about half an hour. 4. After exercising, clean and wipe away sweat on the arm and strap, then clean and dry before putting it on. 5. After swimming or bathing with the smart watch, clean the pool dirt, bath fluid, soap, and other residues on the smartwatch body and strap in good time and dry the arm and smart watch before wearing it. 6. The waterproof function is not permanently effective, and the protective performance may be reduced due to daily wear and tear. Please wipe it off immediately after swimming/wet. 7. Don't use car USB charging to prevent the data cable from melting due to excessive voltage. Recommend charging the smart watch with a 5V 2A charger.