Several Classifications of Smart Watches

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smart watches
smart watches

Divided from different age groups:

Adult smart watches

smart watch apple

Adult smart watches encompass various features: multi-sport modes, sleep and heart rate monitoring, sedentary reminders, step tracking, remote camera control, music playback, messaging reminder, and Bluetooth-linked calls. Some models even offer video, compass, and fashion-centric designs.

Children’s positioning smart watches

smart watch for kids
kids smart watch

Functions: Multiple positioning, two-way talk, SOS for help, remote listening, intelligent anti-lost, historical track, electronic fence, pedometer, love reward and other functions, this functions socaensure the safety of children and give them a healthy and safe growth environment.

Smart watches for the elderly

Features include GPS, family and emergency calls, heart rate monitoring, sedentary and medicine reminders, tailored for seniors. This watch ensures their safety during travel and keeps them connected.

Divide by screen shape

There have 3 types of screen shape smart watch: round screen smart watch, square screen smart watch and rectangular bar screen smart watch

smart watches for iPhone
square screen smart wtach

Compared with the traditional round shape watch, square screen smart watches are an totally new appearance design; the best famous square screen smart watch are the apple watch series. now many young people are chase this style square screen smart watch, and it is very popular in the world

round screen smart watch

True to its name, this smart watch features a round screen and a blend of classic design with modern functionalities. This combination has sparked growing popularity among young users.

rectangular bar screen smart watch

it’s rectangular bar screen, more like an smart bracelet.

Divide by function

  1. Sim card slot smart watch which have sim card slot and TF card slot, so you can insert an sim card into the smart watch and make an local phone call.
  2. smart watch with bluetooth phone call function which support sync. bluetooth phone call from the smart watch, and you can also pick up the call and talk on the smart watch.
  3. Sport smart watch, which mainly focus on the outdoor sports and waterproof function
  4. 2 in 1 smart watch with wireless earbuds: an smart watch which have wireless earbuds, so it have the funcitons both the smart watch and wireless earphone.

Divide by the appearance design

Categorizing by appearance design:

In our collection, we have smart watches for women, men, and 2-in-1 options with earbuds. The factory’s thoughtful design offers choices for all. One model cleverly combines wireless earbuds, enhancing its usefulness. This smart design merges the convenience of a smar twatches and earbuds into one remarkable product.

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