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  • smart watch androidsmart watch android

    2023 best cost-performance ratio smart watch android sports smartwatch

    2023 New Trend Sports Smartwatch with a borderless 1.96-inch large screen. Utilizes the Fitcloudpro stable App and offers competitive pricing. Powered by the Realtek 8763EWE main control chip, featuring Bluetooth one-key connection. Encased in a zinc alloy case with a sleek 10mm ultra-thin body. The frameless design provides a large field of view. Equipped with a 300mAh battery for long-lasting usage and supports magnetic fast charging. IP67 professional waterproof rating ensures durability. Enjoy high-definition Bluetooth calls and superior sound quality from the built-in speakers. Offers 100+ sports modes, payment codes, business cards, and friends. Supports multiple languages including Chinese, English, and Japanese etc. with easy switching capabilities.

  • best smart watchbest smart watch

    The best smart watch 2023 you should buy best competitive price smartphone companions for fitness tracking

    ECG (Electrocardiogram) function, Bluetooth calling, non-invasive blood glucose measurement, HRV (Heart Rate Variability) function, AI medical diagnosis, SOS emergency calling function, sedentary reminder, body temperature monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, respiratory training, stress monitoring, women’s health (menstrual cycle tracking), heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, sleep monitoring, activity tracking (step/calorie/distance), multiple sports modes, music control, 3 physical buttons + full-touch screen

  • smart sport watchsmart sport watch

    Revolutionize Your Fitness Experience with the Ultimate Smart Sport Watch with Heart Rate Multi Sports Modes IP67 Waterproof

    2023 new premium sport smart watch, 1.39 HD large screen, Dafit stable app, 450mAh battery, 60 days long standby time!
    8763EWE main control chip one-key connection, 128MB large memory, enjoy a smooth experience, Bluetooth 5.2 low power consumption;
    Strong metal body, anti-scratch glass mirror, anti-drop/smash/dust/sandproof, adapt to various harsh environments, IP67 waterproof;
    HD Bluetooth calls, voice assistant, 10 sets of menu styles, 100+ sports modes, massive dial market, remote camera…
    British, French, German, Italian, and Spanish instructions, standard liquid silicone breathable strap, optional camouflage blue and camouflage black straps.

  • female smartwatchwomen smart watch

    Best Smart Watches Female with Competitive Price You Should Buy Year 2023

    1.2 high-definition full-circle screen best smart watches female, with call, Dafit stable solution!
    8763EWE main control chip one-key connection, 128MB large memory, enjoy a smooth experience, Bluetooth 5.2 low power consumption;
    Exquisite metal dial, scratch-resistant glass mirror, 20-day long standby time, optional silicone/Milan steel band, IP67 professional waterproof;
    Personalized versatile dial, Bluetooth call, voice assistant, 10 sets of menu styles, 100+ sports modes, remote control camera…
    WeChat sports, women’s menstrual period and many other functions, with manuals in Chinese, English, German, Russian, French and Italian!

  • 2 in 1 smart watch2 in 1 smart watch

    Elite Watch Smart Bracelet 2 in 1 Smart Band with Wireless Earbuds Activity Tracker for Android and iOS Phones

    New trend premium earphone bracelet 2-in-1 smart bracelet; high quality with ultra-low price!

    Bluetooth headset on the wrist, pick it up to answer, put it back to hang up, easy to operate, waterproof in daily life;
    Health monitoring such as heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen, sleep, etc., can measure and save data without APP;
    Bluetooth call + music playback, screen brightness + off-screen duration + raise your hand to brighten the screen, Chinese and English can be switched!

  • smart watch androidsmart watch android

    Smart Watches Android 1.32″Round Screen Smartwatch Fitness Tracker for Android and iOS Phones

    W03pro smart watch, GT3pro style/1.32 inch round screen, Wearfit pro stable App, best competitive price
    Zinc alloy metal dial + IML bottom case, full screen touch, encoder + double button operation, wireless charging, IP67 waterproof;
    Bluetooth high-definition call, Alipay payment, wallet, business card bag, always on when the screen is off, multi-function NFC, AI intelligent voice

  • 2 in 1 smart watch with bluetooth earphones sports smartwatch health care fintess tracker

    X8 binaural smart watch 2-in-1, new launch! 1.69-inch full-touch high-definition screen, 13mm ultra-thin body design!
    Zinc alloy integrated watch frame, IP67 professional waterproof, tempered glass panel, TWS earphone hidden clamshell patent;
    Bluetooth 5.0 in the headset, low power consumption and long standby time, inductive touch control, Hifi super sound quality, noise-canceling microphone;
    The watch can charge the earphones 2-3 times. The earphones are ergonomically designed, tilted into the ears, and automatically paired;
    Health monitoring such as step counting, heart rate and blood pressure, music control, information synchronization, and support for multiple exercise modes;

  • 2 in 1 smart watch with bluetooth earphones multifunction2 in 1 smart watch with bluetooth earphones multifunction

    2 in 1 smart watch with bluetooth earphones multifunction sport health smartwatch

    X7 Bluetooth headset + smart watch 2-in-1; Swimming-grade professional waterproof + 13mm ultra-thin body, FitCloudPro stable APP:
    Realtek Realtek8762D chip, 1.32-inch full-fit high-definition screen, zinc alloy body, hidden clamshell design, built-in waterproof TWS earphone;
    The watch has a built-in 250 mAh battery, which lasts for 8-10 days, and can charge the earphones 2-3 times; the 30 mAh battery of the earphones can continuously listen to songs for 4 hours;
    Offline payment, Bluetooth call, heart rate, shake to take pictures, call reminder/rejection, information storage, multi-sport mode;
    Massive dials, weather, information reminders, alarm clocks, looking for bracelets, health monitoring, exercise records, information reminders;
    The watch supports: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Portuguese, Korean, Vietnamese, Arabic, Hebrew, Thai, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, Indonesian, Malaysian, Finnish, Greek, Romanian, Indian, 23 languages!

  • cheap smart watchescheap smart watches

    Premium 2023 New Android Cheap Smart Watches with High Quality Bluetooth Call Multifunctional Sport Watch

    2023 New HT15 smart watch, one Bluetooth call connection, Alipay + encoder + aluminum alloy case, Fitcloudpro stable APP!
    1.85 inch high-definition large screen, aluminum alloy textured frame with encoder buttons, IML bottom case, 260mAh battery, IP67 professional waterproof;
    8762DT main control chip, one-key connection, offline Alipay, Bluetooth calling, voice assistant, heart rate blood oxygen monitoring and more applications;

  • smart watchsmart watches for android

    China Factory Premium Smart Watch Bluetooth Phone Call IP68 Waterproof Sport Health Smartwach

    Private models with high quality! IP68 waterproof, RealTek 8762D chip
    AAC imported speakers, CNC zinc alloy body, tempered glass panel;
    1.85 HD full screen 240*284 IPS, ultra-low power consumption chip Bluetooth 5.0+240mAh re-chargable battery, 30 days long standby;
    HD Bluetooth calling, music playback and control, message reminders, multi-dial switching + custom wallpaper + multiple sports modes;
    Supports 24 languages, NFC, password unlock, female menstrual cycle, weather checking, heart rate and blood pressure health monitoring, sedentary reminder, alarm clock/stopwatch/calendar…


  • smart watch menandroid smart watch

    Modern I6 Smart Watch Men For Fitness And Health Luxury Design Always on Display

    This wearable is a sporty smartwatch that got a luxury classy design with a 0.96 inch IPS screen 80*160 pixels, and it is equipped with a couple of features includes a Heart rate monitor, Blood oxygen monitor, Multi-Sport modes, IP68 Waterproof, and so on. This watch has a 170mAh battery capacity with 5-7 days of normal usage and 15 days of standby time. the strap are metal, we provide 3 colors for your choice: black, silver, gold. and the watch case are Zinc, which looks very beautiful!


  • smart watches for mensmart wtaches men

    New i12 Smart Watches for Men Bluetooth Call Heart Rate Multiple Sports Mode Waterproof

    High end and classy appearance design, similar to Huawei smart watch design; classic round, business temperament, support bluetooth phone call, 1.28 inch IPS color screen with 240*240 pixels; low power consumption cpu Realtek 8762C + BK, long time standby, dynamic heart rate, support blood pressure and blood oxygen, weather push, bluetooth music, multi sport datas record etc., multi-dial for choice and DIY watch dial; the strap are 22mm, standard specification are TPU strap, you can also buy the 22mm metal strap, or order the strap from us directly.

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